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Chronology of Chang Cging

1937  Born in Lucao Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan. (Native Province: Yunlin County)

1941  Practiced sculpture with red bricks.

1959-2011  Have Studied under: Dr. Jia-Xiang Lin, Professor Ue-Tzong Lin, Mater Yu-Yu Yang, Dr. Hung-Xin Lin, Dr. Lian-Hua Chou.

1961  Baptized as Christian.

1962  Started the first professional eyeglasses store in Yunlin-Chang’s Eye-Glasses at Dounan.

1985  Age 49: Experienced a prophetic dream in which God revealed the notion of “practicing sculpture in spare time.”

1986  Exhibition on tree and rock arts at the National Museum of History.

1988  Sculpture award from Nan - Ying Fine Arts Exhibition, New Artist Award from Lion Fine Art. 

           Held first solo exhibition at Hwa-Min Gallery, Taipei, whose opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Jiang Fucong, the first Director of the National Palace

           Museum, and the artist’s mentor Yuyu Yang.

           Participated in the "Ethnic Craft and Art Exhibition" at the National Museum of Art.

           Artworks collected by the National Palace Museum, Fu Jen Catholic University, and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

1989  Awarded to the Modern Sculpture of Taipei Municipal Fine Art Museum. First Place of Fine Art Design Prize from Nan-Ying Awards.

1990  Participated in the exhibition on “Taiwan Crafts Exhibition – from Tradition to Innovation” at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art.

1992  Awarded to the National Ethnic Sculpture Prize. Solo exhibition at the Cultural Gallery of Taipei Station.

1993  Participated in the Taipei International Traditional Craft Exhibition and awarded to the National Ethnic Sculpture Prize.

           Designed and set up the “Ching Yuan Studio” at Douliu.

1995  Invited exhibitions by the Council of Cultural Affairs in Paris, France, New York, U.S.A., and other countries.

1996  Received the Taiwan Provincial Wood–Carving Creation Awards twice.

1997-2013  Served as a Convener or Member of the Commentary Committee such as “National Nan Ying Awards”, 

          “Woodcarving Creation Awards”,“National Crafts Awards”, and “International Wood Sculpture Competition Awards”, etc.

1999  Solo exhibition at SOGO Cultural Gallery in Taipei.

           Distinguished guest of the former Dean of National Palace Museum, Xiou–Yi Chin and earned a treasured scroll of calligraphy for his successful

           achievements in sculpture.

2000  Solo exhibitions at art centers and galleries nationwide.

           The "Chang Ching Art Museum" was established on the campus by YunTech.

2003  Served as a menber of the commentary commitee of "Taiwan Wood Carving Cmpetition"

           Solo exhibition at the National Museum of History, Taipei.

2004  Solo exhibition, "An Amazing World of Chang Ching’s Sculpture", at the National Cultural Association,Taipei.

2005  Artwork installation "Life after Life" –public art at YunTech.

2006  Artwork Installation "Light of Taiwan"  – public art in the Art Plaza of Zhong Yue at Taoyuan.

           Invited exhibitions "2006 Art Festival of the Art Plaza - the Sculpture Exhibition of Taiwan’s Top Ten Art Talents"

           Designed Kaohsiung Wuchang Church’s Zhibao Cross, which is the largest church cross in all of southeast Asia.

2007  Served as a member of the commentary committee of National Crafts Award in the sculpture category.

           Served as Assistant professor rank technical expert of General Education Center, YunTech.

           Invited exhibition: "Exhibition of Wood Crafts in Taiwan" at the National Center for Traditional Arts.

           Solo exhibition "An Amazing World of Chang Ching’s Sculpture", at the National Formosa University.

           Solo exhibition "Chang Ching’s Wood Sculpture", in the anniversary celebration of  YunTech.

           "Treasure Island Sculptor", an interview given by Government Information Office of Executive Yuan, published in Taiwan Review, December 1, 2007.

2008  Received the honor of National Sculpture Category, "Taiwan’s House of Workmanship"

           Established the "Grandfather Chang’s Art Hall" at the JiouAn Elementary School of Douliou, Yunlin.

           Received "The Honor of Yunlin County–Special Achievement Award for Five Nurtures" & "Lifetime. Achievement Award" from the Government of Yunlin County.

2009  Solo exhibition at the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum of Miaoli County.

2010  Chief Editor, “The Inherent Vitality of Nature” by Chang Ching.

           Artwork installation: "Glory"– public art at TransWorld University.

           Participated in the Designs for the Entrance Image and the Music Clock Tower of St. John’s University at Tamsui District of New Taipei City.

2011  Interviewed by the Program "Art Profile"--An Introduction of Global Excellent Chinese Artists--Taiwan Public Television Service.

           Interviewed by the Program "Taiwan Records" of CtiTV.

           Interview & encouraged by my Respected Teacher, Dr. Lian Hua Chou of Christian Tribune.

2012  Yunlin County Government's Design and Planning Award, the Pride of Yunlin.

2013  Solo exhibition at “Foundation of Taiwanese Cultural,” Taichung.

           Yunlin Country Government’s Design and Planning Award, Yunlin Art & Culture Award.

           Solo exhibition at “Taiwan Culture & Creative Platform Foundation”, Taipei.

           Invited to participate in the Agri-Expo Yunlin, where he held the exhibition,

           Grand Spectacle -The Classic Works of Master Chang Ching.

           Invited Annual Exhibition at Main Lobby of HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation) Headquarters, New Taipei City.

2014  Designed Japan Okinawa白い家Church’s Zhibao Cross and 611 Bread of Life Christian Church’s Cross of Hong Kong.

           Invited planning and design of “Sounds from Nature”, the artwork of main hall in “the 21th Century Christ Church (広尾教会) of Japan.”

           Invited planning and design of “Memorial Cross” for the 150 years’ missionary works in “the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church.”

2015  Design and making of the trophies of retired teachers for Education Department, Yunlin County Government.

           Invited planning and design of “Memorial Cross” for “the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland.”

2016  The Invited Exhibition of Chang Ching’s Exquisite Arts at "National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall", Taipei.

2017  Participated in international art exhinitions all over the world including Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

2018  Participated in international art exhinitions all over the world including Singapore,Taipei, Guangzhou, etc.


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